Carl is a US Chess Federation Chess Expert and will
also be a senior bioengineer at UCLA this upcoming year.
His interests are extremely varied, ranging from research in
a medical lab at UCLA, to a passion for cooking delicious food
(especially desserts!), to being president of UCLA’s Chess Club,
to making math and chess enjoyable for children with fun,
engaging lessons and instructive stories. Carl is a natural
leader and has taken the initiative on many projects, seeing
them through to their completion.
Work Experience:
·        Chess instructor for Vellotti’s Chess School (2007-2016)
o       Private lessons as well as group classes
o       Responsible for organizing and maintaining all teenage student classes, including finances and customer relations
·        Hands-on, scientific lab research internships with Boise State University professors Dr.Dimitri Tenne (2011) and Dr. Daniel Fologea (2012-2013).
o       Publish scientific paper- Selective Permeability of Lysenin Channels (projected November 2012, entered in Siemens Science Competition)
Extracurricular Activities:
·        High School History Bowl (TVMSC)
·        National Honor Society
·        Key Club
·        Rowing Club
·        Chess Club
·        Orchestra (violin)
·        French Club
·        Boise High Swim Team
·        Boise YMCA Swim Team
·        Competitive Chess Play
·        Chess Coach
·        Violin
·        Competitive Swimming
·        Reading biographies of great people
·        Learning about the latest technological breakthroughs