For my education, I plan on going to a top engineering school and getting a degree in Biomedical Engineering. From there I plan on taking the MCAT and going on to medical school. I would like to take some time along my educational journey to decide exactly what discipline of medicine I will study for a Fellowship. I do know that my experience with Biomedical Engineering would be a great asset as an orthopedic surgeon. Ten years from now, I see myself in the final stages of a becoming a medical doctor.

 I see myself using my education and experience to continue helping those in need. My empathy and good judgment are the major reasons why I would like to have a career in medicine. I believe that my math and science background are best used to help many people through this challenging field.

If there is one thing that ties my personality, accomplishments, and life all together it is the benefits that I have received from competitive chess. I began playing at the age of 7 and quickly rose to the top of the chess scene in Idaho. But there is a lot more to my story with chess. Chess has helped me grow and develop in ways that I could never have seen coming, but can clearly see now.

Many of the character traits that I have developed over the years through chess have been fundamental to my success so far. I have developed diligence through working hard and practicing nearly every day in order to keep improving. This trait has been an invaluable asset in recent years as my school schedule has become increasingly challenging.  I have also become a great planner through analyzing dozens of possible outcomes in a given scenario and then selecting the best one. I have learned to think things through carefully as just one careless mistake from a great position can cause you to lose everything.

Most importantly, chess has helped me understand how to take something I love and spark that interest in others. Since I was young, I have worked with other kids to improve their own chess skills. At first, I assisted with my parentís coaching business. Then, when I was a sophomore, I started a free chess program at the Garden City Boys & Girls Club. This last year, I ran the Food for Thought campaign where people would pledge a certain amount of cans for every game I won at the state championship. I raised over 500 pounds of canned food for the Idaho Food Bank. Recently, I started running my own chess business which specifically teaches teens how to improve and also use the benefits of chess to further their academics.